Looking to Hire? Why use a Recruitment Agency

Experience – Recruitment agencies have market insight and copious amounts of knowledge when it comes to what is happening in the market place and how to efficiently go through the hiring process.

Marketing – Consultants know how to write a high quality Ad to attract your ideal candidates, and give your company great brand awareness. Recruitment consultants know the right platform to place advertisements, and it in turn creates brand awareness for your company as well. Alternatively, if you want to remain anonymous, then an agency is a great tool to act as a ‘cover’.

Time-management – A recruitment consultant can save you valuable time whilst sifting through applications.  We are experienced in reviewing CVs and valuing suitable applicants. Running a company is time consuming enough without having to take time away from in order to sort through large numbers of CVs and application forms. Giving a recruitment agency the task of creating a shortlist of candidates for a position in a company is good business sense.  Recruitment Consultants will provide you with a short list of candidates for you to review, it takes the hassle of sorting through all the other CVs. We will supply excellent candidates, not applicants.

Database – Most agencies have a large database of candidates that they continuously stay in contact with. So not only do you have to rely on just an advertisement but you can also utilize a database that an Agency has been developing for years, and therefore giving you access to passive candidates who might not be looking for work, but are more suited to your position.

Efficiency – Consultants will deal with all administrative issues such as: all communications with applicants, including scheduling interviews, notifying unsuccessful ones and providing feedback; and verifying candidate information including qualifications and reference checking.

Negotiations – Their specialist market insight allows them to inform you of market rates, trends in salary changes, and advise you on and negotiate job offers on your behalf, if requested.


Speed – Contract and temp hire roles can be filled at short notice. Agencies have an up to date database of candidates who are available and vetted for a variety of roles and who can start immediately.

Long term cost savers – Reduces future hiring costs if you use the same recruitment agent again as the agent will already have knowledge of your organisation so the process will be quicker.

Reduces training costs: some agencies offer candidates the chance to hone their talents or learn field-specific regulations whilst on the hunt for a new job, thereby eliminating your organisation’s need to do the same once they arrive. This can also include simple requirements; such as a Police Check.

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