Cracks in concrete foundation walls are a major problem in America. But what makes already cast concrete foundation to crack? This process starts immediately after the casting of the concrete and generally continues until the third year. The soil underneath is still movable and it lends itself. Concrete cracking starts from the base, and in almost all cases up to the top of the foundation wall. Once cracked, the wall is an open door for moisture, leaks, mold and unpleasant odors in the basement, and a favorite place for different insects.

Foundation water leak and crack repair
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Basement crack repair

In order to understand which approach is best in repairing your foundation crack, there are a few questions which need to be answered first. Such as; what materials does your foundation consist of. Is it Block? Concrete? Brick? Field Stone? Or some combination of many types of foundation building material.
Comprehensive Basement Leak Repairs
With the lasting fix basement crack injection package, you save time and money. We provide Inexpensive Crack Injections to repair your wet, dry, damp, leaking, leaky, cracked or cracking basement wall cracks. Offering fair prices, accurate information and sound advice allows you, the customer, to make an informed decision.

Basement wall repair

The problems that affect basement and crawl space walls come in different shapes and sizes. Since no job is exactly the same, Crack repair offers a wide variety of products and services to help stabilize damaged walls.
To determine the best solution, a Certified Structural Technician will carefully investigate the structural problems affecting your home. Once the analysis is complete, a custom repair plan will be offered at no cost to the homeowner.
The type of repair we recommend is determined by the build of the wall (concrete or brick), the severity of the damage, and the home’s infrastructure. Personal project goals will also be assessed to determine a long-lasting solution that can fit any budget.

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Foundation Structural Repair


As a licensed general contractor specializing in geotechnical issues related to foundations, slopes, retaining walls and other structural elements, our highly trained, skilled professional foundation repair contractors know how to solve problems of any size — from repairing a crack to installing a large soil nail wall.
We provide our Residential, Builder and Commercial Repair expertise to NY and CT States. Your foundation is a strong system that is built to last over 100 years, but there are some situations that can occur which will cause cracks or bowing of the foundation walls. When this happens, you’ll need to consider foundation repair services.

Concrete wall crack repair

When there are cracks in your foundation walls, you many not think you will need extensive foundation repair services. These cracks are generally cosmetic flaws as a result of minor settling of the home’s foundation. However, there are times when the cracks are an indicator of a much more serious problem. Depending on the shape and direction of the crack, a foundation expert can tell you its cause and repair needs.
At Crack Repair, we offer top-notch solutions for all wall cracking problems. If you are in distress over any size wall crack, look no further because our technicians are at your service. Some wall cracks can be a result of hydro-static pressure, which can then lead to water leakage.

Concrete Wall Crack Repair
Cinder Block wall crack repair


Is your cinder block foundation bowing into the basement? This can be a sign of structural integrity failure. Don’t wait until it’s too late to repair your foundation.
Carbon Fibre Stabilization Straps:
Bowed walls are almost always concrete block and this problem is becoming more and more prevalent with the extreme weather recently experienced. Bowed walls are caused by 3 things: 1) Frost push, 2) Ratcheting affect from soil shrinkage and expansion caused by extremes of weather and 3) Static soil pressure is simply greater than the design load of the wall.

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